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Integrated APIs

[fa icon="gears"] REST And Websocket APIs
  A comprehensive REST API together with an asynchronous Websocket API provide you access to data and events in a way that works for you.
[fa icon="lock"] Security
  Secure out of the box, with HTTPS as standard, 512-bit passwords, OAuth 2 support, role-based user permissions, and configurable activity logging.
[fa icon="hdd-o"] Databases
  Create Views to integrate your existing data, and Virtual Databases to import your data directly into SocialOS.
[fa icon="code"] Development
  Client library support s included for Python, Ruby, Javascript, and C#, but you can develop with SocialOS in any language that supports HTTP.
[fa icon="star"] Spaces
  Connect users to their data with Networks and Folders. Easily manage membership, subscriptions, and permissions, assign administrators and moderators.
[fa icon="cloud"] Cloud
  Work with your existing cloud-based services, or add new ones, including Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

Included Features

Just some of the features you get out of the box with SocialOS.

  • Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram
  • Bundled Apps For Blogs, Forums, Wikis
  • Network Membership and Moderation
  • Real-Time Analytics and Reporting
  • Powerful Integrated Search
  • Create Lists, Stacks, Queues & More
  • Real-Time Filter Engine
  • Embedded Intelligence Via Triggers & Scriptsr
  • Open Source (AGPL) Or Commercial
  • HTTP (REST) and WebSocket APIs
  • Build Apps In Python, PHP, Java & More
  • Create New API Methods In Lua
  • Virtual Databases
  • Integrate MySQL, DB2, Oracle, & More
  • Activity And Performance Monitoring
  • OAuth 2 Authentication Server
  • Amazon EC2, S3, CloudFront, SES, SNS
  • Google Contacts, Calendar, Search, Translate
  • Monitoring With Geckoboard, Leftronic
  • Social Development With GitHub and GitLab
  • Database And Application Server Failover
  • Central Management Dashboard
  • Log And Audit Management And Analysis
  • Interactive API Documentation

System Requirements

  • Most recent Linux releases will work, but we recommend and support RHEL 7 and CentOS 7.
  • MongoDB 2.6 or later, or TokuMX 2.0 or later. MongoDB 3.0 or TokuMX are required for full transaction support, and recommended for any system that will be processing payments.
  • Python 2.7 or PyPy 2.4. Python 3.4 testing is in progress, but is not currently supported.
  • ElasticSearch 1.4 or later.
  • Nginx is recommended for load-balancing and failover for larger installations.
  • Lua 5.1 or later or LuaJIT required for the SocialOS scripting engine.
  • A full list of required and optional Python modules is available on the download page.


Make sense from the noise

Search, refine, and filter feeds from various sources to find the content that matters to you.

See the Documentation


Use Case

Give. Take. Grab.

SocialOS powers the Grab web and iOS App for instant social collaboration.

Use Grab to give and take from integrated apps. It is a conduit to push and pull content and valuable data to and from your connected services.

See the Apps SocialOS integrates with [fa icon="angle-double-right"]

Learn More about Grab
Max brought together his kitesurfing community


Signup just got easier

Make it easy for your leads to become users with a light, simple onboarding experience.

See the Documentation

Social Actions

Take control of your Networks

Use the Command Center to get a realtime view into your Networks.

Manage people, content and more from a single app.

See the Documentation

Social Actions

Incentivize Engagement

The Rewards Center helps you motivate your App’s Top Engagers, members of your Grabs and more with +Kred - The mark of Influence they can take anywhere.

See the Documentation


Users activate beautiful profiles

SocialOS grants your users Identity right out of the box.

Give them a piece of your brand, your TLD or simply your app with a profile they call their own.

See the Documentation
Activate beautiful, simple profiles for your users


Gather users into focused Communities

Your users all have one thing in common - You. Offer a new dimension to your App where they can align themselves to interest or even location based Communities.

See how .Kred created Communities for Influencers [fa icon="angle-double-right"]

See the Documentation


Integrated with Influence

Gamify your social apps with the Kred Score and Platform to keep your users rewarded and engaged. Add these features to your existing platforms:

  1. User scoring
  2. Post scoring (and identification of trending posts)
  3. Network scoring
  4. Ranking - leaderboards
  5. Access to KPOPs currency

Kred gives your users a reward they can take anywhere, earning points within your App and taking their score with them wherever they go online.


See the Documentation


<a href="http://home.kred/timoreilly" target="_blank"><img src="//peoplebrowsr.com/widget/kredbadge/timoreilly" style="border:0"/></a>

Widget Code

Bring your site to LIFE with dynamic content

Supercharge blogs or websites built with popular CMS platforms like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress by adding a new dimension of interaction with your community.


See the Documentation
<div id="grab-widget-area"></div>


Scale up. Scale out. We grow with you

SocialOS is built to scale, to millions of users and billions of messages.

Built with MongoDB and ElasticSearch, SocialOS is ready and tested to scale to meet your business needs.

Cluster support means you can add or upgrade hardware with zero downtime.

Advanced distributed caching ensures consistently fast and resilient access to your data.

Whether on-premises or in the cloud, hardware failures no longer mean unhappy users.

See the Documentation


SocialOS plays well with the apps you love

[fa icon="comment"]  Social Platforms
[fa icon="bullhorn"]  Marketing and Communications platforms
[fa icon="usd"]  Business and Finance platforms

So, what's in the box?

Start building your SocialOS Apps!

Start using SocialOS for free
Get up to 100K API calls/mo for free
[fa icon="users"] Onboarding
See who you know on SocialOS, match cross network users
[fa icon="check"] Authentication
Easy Integration with Multiple Social Login or Single Login accross multiple Applications
[fa icon="tasks"] Sample Application Code
See how Apps are built on SocialOS
[fa icon="user"] Member Engagement Profile
Secure your unique Digital Identity
[fa icon="comment"] Social Actions
Connect, Like, Comment and more with Customized Social Actions
[fa icon="database"] Embedded Intelligence via Triggers and Scripts
[fa icon="trophy"] Gamification
Create Engagement with Kred Scoring and Leaderboards
[fa icon="globe"] Feed Builder - Grabber
Integrated with over 20 Social Feeds
[fa icon="plus"] Analytics
Monitor Members contribution and Engagement
[fa icon="search"] Search
Within your SocialOS account you can find Users, Communities and more

Premium Plans for Business

Most Popular
[fa icon="check"] Up to 1 Million API calls/mo
[fa icon="check"] Up to 10 Million API calls/mo
[fa icon="check"] Unlimited API calls
[fa icon="check"] On Premise Install
[fa icon="check"] Premium Support